It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, won’t you be, oh, won’t you be my neighbor.  No seriously, come over, I’ll make coffee.  I’ll cook you something.  We can talk about anything, or nothing whatever you want, just come over.  Okay?  Great.  Oh my, last week was fine, but seriously this spending my days with myself is a bit much.  I tend to get all stuck in my head and start over-thinking things and well, my head can be a very nice place, but sometimes without external stimulus it can get very, very crowded.  I NEED PEOPLE!  I really miss going to work and making the rounds and hearing about my co-workers sleepless nights with new babies or their seven year old’s school play or the ridiculous thing their mother said to their new boyfriend.  I like that stuff.  I like interacting with people.  My couch is nice, but not particularly entertaining.

Actually, I have a pretty full day, a pretty full week.  All part of a plan to make myself feel like I’m still a productive member of society.  I’ve got oodles of “work” to do, editing, formatting, writing. I’m going to lunch for a volunteer position I’ll be taking up.  I have to rehearse my comedic monologue for an audition tomorrow.  Oh, and there are jobs to apply to.    Oh, and a gym session, which will most likely happen mid-day.  Gah, I think my days will be better spent at cafes then my living room, where people exist.  I like people, I miss people, people that don’t appear in the form of Debra Messing on my television.


breakfast-15Oatmeal w/lite sour cream