Well it’s dinner time and the cooking is easy, well the microwaving is easy.  That pot of soup I cooked earlier this week was the meal that kept on giving.

I’ll be heading out to Long Island this weekend to celebrate my friends birthday, which means I most likely won’t be posting, but I’ll do a weekend in review post Sunday night.  This weekend will be the first challenge to my no soda resolution as my family always has pop on hand.  Wish me luck.  How are you all doing on your resolutions this fine second day of 2009?

Rina: Unfortunately along with Elastic Waist, Pretty Imperfect/Daily Special has gotten the ax too.  Although I’m unbelievably sad about the loss of “my show”, I feel truly honored to have been singled out to be in it for this past year and a half.  You can catch our back episodes at www.dailyspecialshow.com.


dinner-12Salad withe lettuce, tomato, cucumber, orange pepper, avocado and lite vinaigrette
Kale and White Bean Soup (again!)