If you’ve followed me here from Elastic Waist you already know that every month I start my month off with resolutions.  I mean why wait till New Years when you have a fresh new start waiting for you every month?  Except today is New Years!  It does feel like a clean slate, I mean this is the big one?  Whoa!  So, on this very special day I have two sets of resolutions to share with you; one to last me the year and one to keep me focused in January.  Because January ain’t nothing but a month.

Last night at the party I was at we all discussed the our resolutions.  I love people.  One person said that her resolution was to be a good partner to her partner and I thought that was such a great and thoughtful resolution.  One woman said she wanted to work out everyday, lose fifteen pounds and buy a house.  To which the health and fitness blogger in me wanted to say “Whoa Nelly”.  Losing weight is always the number one resolution, but to all of you that are making that your 2009 goal; I encourage you to set small goals to achieve within that resolution.  I find that big resolutions tend to overwhelm me and I feel like a failure when I can’t achieve them; instead I prefer to pick smaller goals on my way to a bigger goal. That I can achieve in reasonable time frame so things feel like they’re in reach.  Also, allow for being human.  We may all say we’re going to go to the gym everyday, but we’re all human, things come up,  friends happen, TV happens, lazy happens, and that’s all totally normal, so give yourself some room to breath in your resolutions.  That’s my soapbox, they’re your resolutions though, do with them what you will.

On to my resolutions…

Kim’s New Years Resolutions:

  1. Cut out soda.  I don’t actually drink soda on a regular basis, in fact I only drink it when I visit my family.  But, if I don’t do something in my everyday life, why would I do it in my fake life?
  2. Read all the books on my bookshelf that I haven’t gotten to yet (which is a lot, I have a book buying addiction) before I buy any new books.

Kim’s  January Resolutions:

  1. Make the most of my unemployment.  Now this may mean finding another job, but honestly I know that that may take a while, the economy ain’t so hot and New York especially is sort of a no-man’s land for finding a job.  So, what I really mean by that is taking this time as an opportunity to really take care of myself, sleep, exercise, learn, take time to be with the people I care about.  I know that I’ll be employed again, it would be sort of strange if my working life ended at 26, so I’ll take this time for what it really is-a rare chance as an adult to have time for myself.
  2. Be a better blogger.  I was so lucky to have the opportunity to work for Elastic Waist, and from that I learned a lot about blogging, but I still have a lot to learn.  So my goal this month is to work on my blogging abilities (feel free to chime in with your critiques-I’ve got to learn somehow).  I do have some books about professional blogging to go over (bought before my new years resolution was made!) and I’m going to take the time to really read blogs everyday!

So that’s it for me.  I’ve shown me mine, now I think you should show me yours.  What resolutions have you made for yourself this month?  This year?