Are you allowed to call it breakfast if it’s your first meal of the day, only your day starts at noon?  I ended up coming home last night, which was not intended.  I usually sleep wherever I am on New Years, and let me tell you buy the time I walked too and from the subway in two degree weather I came to the conclusion that the hermits have something.  Perhaps never leaving ones home ain’t such a bad idea, at least in the winter months.

I will workout, as soon as my headache goes away. It must be something about getting older, but I just can’t drink like I used to.  (I understand that this sounds silly coming from a 26 year old, but seriously things have clanged).  I used to be able to drink my weights worth and get up the next morning and be totally fine, now not so much it takes a little time for my body to trust me with it’s wellbeing again.

Since I’ll be writing on this site about things other than my daily food intake, I’ll probably break up my posts into breakfast/lunch/dinner as opposed to one post for the day so that things are constantly revolving. If that just gets sort of annoying, you can let me know and I’ll switch back to old formatting.  In the mean time, let’s give this a go:

Lunch that’s disquised as Breakfast

breakfast-11Oatmeal with lite sour cream (to those of you new to my site today-I understand that this is a strange combo to the masses, but I’ve been eating oatmeal this way my entire life.  It’s actually a pretty cool combo)
Coffee with soymilk