I’ll admit that the majority of my New Years Day is being spent taking full advantage of my netflix account and my brand new DVD player.  Nothing like starting the new year off right…on my ass.  I did get off my booty and did a couple of exercise DVDs.  I was a bit scared of venturing to the gym today.   No doubt there are a lot of resolvers taking up the treadmills, and since I may just have the worlds larged exercise DVD collection I might as well have made good use of it in my avoidance.

I did two DVDs that were about a half hour each.  Jiggle free arms combines cardio and upper body strength training and Jiggle free abs is all abs.  Almost well rounded.  I figure I’ll work my lower body tomorrow at the gym (while all the normal people are at work).

jiggle-free-arms jiggle-free-abs

Then as a reward, I ate lunch, a late lunch but lunch nonetheless.


lunch-11Salad with light vinaigrette
White Bean and Kale Soup