Parting is such sweet sorrow. This morning I wrote my last ever post for Elastic Waist.  That was a lot harder than  I imagined.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of something that I truly believe in.  Starting tomorrow the writing I would have done for EW will be here on The Kim Challenge.  As for today, it’s food blogging as usual.

Speaking of food blogging, yesterday I did something…I applied to grad school.  Say what? This coming from a girl that spent a ridiculous amount of money and applications and testing to get into Law School, did then decided that that wasn’t what she wanted.  I applied to get my masters in nutrition.  Well, I applied first for the post-back program that would transition into the masters program.  I keep avoiding grad school because I have this very real aversion to debt.  I do not like owing money to anyone, even the  nice people at Sally Mae, and trust me owe I do.  In my pig-headed 17-year-olded-ness I decided on just about the most expensive school I could find that offered just about zip in financial aid.  I did this even though better schools offered me money, but I was young and silly and acted mainly on instinct. Honestly though,  it was exactly the right school for me, it really helped me the kind of person I wanted to be, it was just a really expensive route in self-actualization.  One of my more naive life choices was to major in acting.  Now, yes I’m an actor so that helps, but uhh, well you don’t actually need a degree in acting to be an actor is what I’ve realized along the way and honestly I became a more well rounded person but not necessarily a better actor in college.  I did however double major in marketing, which is good, because that is a useful degree.  Score one for smart life choices.  I’ve always sort of regretted not majoring in nutrition, because it’s something I’ve always been fascinated with.  My theory now is that I’m creating options for myself.  I’ve only applied to one school as application deadlines are looming-I really should have gotten laid off earlier so I could plan better.  So with said options I may be able to get some credentials under my belt which would allow me to act as a nutrionist, a career that if I freelance I could make my own hours and still act, and also give me some solidity behind me for when the publishing industry stops freaking out and hiring again, where I could hopefully write about health from a more, how do I say this, legitimate stand point.  Not that I’m  saying you shouldn’t take every snarky and sarcastic comment I say as gospel, but well, yeah.  So who knows.  I may go to grad school if my fear of debt doesn’t scare the bejebus out of me, oh and if I get in.  I’ll also start working on applications for next years round of schools.  The things I do when daytime TV is no longer enough to entertain me.

Back to real time: It’s supposed to be all snowy and awful today.  So, I think I’ll stay in, workout at home and continue in my efforts to organize my life.  I made a bigger breakfast than I was planning, but didn’t finish all of my smoothie.  I think I just needed yummy carby goodness to get me going this morning, as it’s the kind of day that makes me want to stay in bed and daydream for hours on end.  Honestly, my stomach is still not quite right from all of the holiday eating I think.

Tonight I’m heading to a friends party in Queens, which seems like another country and I will probably sleep there.    It just doesn’t feel like New Years Eve.  Tomorrow will be 2009?!  For the first time in ever I have absolutely no idea what this year will hold, I guess that’s the excitement of it all.  Life is happening, sometimes I feel like I’m just along for the ride.  Happy New Year to you all!

While I’m strapping in and preparing for said ride, here’s what I’m eating:

Breakfast 12.31.08

breakfast-1231Whole Wheat Mini Bagel with PB&J
Smoothie with frozen mango and soy milk

Very Late Lunch 12.31.08
lunch-1231Kale & White Bean Soup
Crystal Lite Grape Drink (It tastes like being a kid)

Normally I don’t eat lunch at 5pm, but I’m on slacker time and I slacked off and forgot to eat.  That doesn’t happen often because usually eating is pretty much my priority for all moments of consciousness.