I got up at 5:30am today, that’s just silly for a birthday girl.  There was still some holiday cleaning to get done, as I spent much of yesterday baking and made more of a mess than I cleaned.   Things are better now, and I even did productive things like file for unemployment. Sigh.

Thanks for your comments yesterday and for putting things in perspective.  There’s only a week left to this year, and yes there’s pressure to eat and be merry but it’s only a week and these are definitely things I don’t eat year round.  That being said, I’m not exercising today.  It’s my birthday and you can’t make me. 😉

I will be meeting up with my friend who took the day off today to spend with me (seriously, I have some awesome friends!) and we’ll watch a movie and grab some lunch. Then my other b-fri is making me dinner.  My dad has to work late tonight, so tomorrow my family will celebrate my existance with Indian food. 

Here’s the food:

Breakfast 12.23.08


Two hard-boiled eggs