I’m out on Long Island visiting the fam, helping clean up for the holiday and baking presents for the masses.  My attempt last night to make raspberry filled sugar cookies didn’t work out so well, so I’ll have my second attempt today.

Lara, I definitely do feel the pressure to eat more this time of year.  Although my family is very supportive of my healthy lifestyle, they also don’t quite know what to do with it either.  And, food is love, so this time of year everyone is making things because they want you to be happy, when what I need most is a treadmill.  Luckily, only a few more days to go.  Tomorrow is my actual birthday and I’m going out to lunch with a friend and another friend is making me dinner.  On Christmas eve my family is taking me out to celebrate my birthday, then we go out to eat on Christmas.  Oh, and my parents anniversary is Dec. 27, so there’ probably be something then too.  But come December 28th I’m hiding from society and hitting the gym.

My birthday celebration on Saturday was great, and I have pictures, but since I’m not home I won’t be able to load up pictures of the goodies till I get back to Brooklyn.

Besides, the house cleaning I’ll probably do an exercise video some time today.  I keep a few here and I brought a few from the city as I’ll probably be here for about a week and it’s just way too cold to go running outside.

Here’s the food:

Breakfast 12.22.08

breakfast-1222082 Eggs and Toast (my parents don’t eat whole wheat!)

Lunch 12.22.08lunch-1222

I’m yet to find a viable vegetable at my parents house.  Must remember to lecture them about that.  While I was searching I opted for as healthy a lunch as I could muster.
Turkey and havrati cheese sandwhich with mustard.


Dinner 12.22.08

Chicken and String beans (finally, I found a vegetable!)