Today is my last day of work.  Regardless of the insanity that as happened in the last month it’s a truly sad day for me as I have really loved working here (most of the time) and met some absolutely wonderful people.  I’m generally able to keep my emotions in check, but there’s something about goodbye’s that are really hard for me.

Meanwhile some of my coworkers are taking me out to lunch today.  After work I’m meeting with a friend for dinner and we’re going to see a show she got us comped tickets for.  Woohoo-for free threatre.

Here’s the food so far:

Breakfast 12.19.08

breakfast-121908Oatmeal with lite sour cream
Coffee (in my Daily Special mug!)

Lunch 12.19.08

lunch-1219Sesame Chicken and Fried Rice (trust me I suffered for that later)

Dinner 12.19.08




dinner-12194Tomato soup
Banana Pakoora
Lamb Vindaloo
Pastachio Ice Cream that they decorated special for my birthday