Today is my office holiday party. I’ll update you all on the goodies later. One of my coworkers has requested we get drunk afterward. There really are some people I’m going to miss here. My plan it to go to spin class after work, we’ll see if I’m sober enough.

Lara: I know you wrote a comment on my food for thought blog, but I figured I’d answer here, as I haven’t been updating it really. I decided that I would transition Food for Thought into the content of Forkful of News, as I think that I’d prefer to have a well rounded blog with all sorts of food stuff, food news, recipes, entertaining ideas, restaurant reviews etc. I love food politics, love in the sense that it really interests me, but it’s a hard thing to write about everyday. I’ll be taking off-line and transition it all to I think I just confused myself.

I had such a good dayof eating yesterday, I ate well balanced, healthy meals and felt really good at the end of the day. I must remember that eating well makes me feel better as a whole. Of course I say that now, but in 3 hours I’ll be chugging mai tais with my coworkers.

Here’s the food:

Breakfast 12.18.08

breakfast-1218Nonfat plain yogurt with honey, raspberries and almonds

Lunch 12.18.08



Eh, mediocre holiday party food.  Could have been worse I suppose, but certainly not a superb culinary adventure.
Caesar Salad
Veal and Asparagus and some weird mashed potato croquette thingy

Dinner 12.18.08

dinner-1218I was craving something “cleaner” to eat after my heavy lunch.  So I opted opted for soup.  I had a package of udon noodles left, but no bok choy so I subbed in turnip greens.
Udon noodles in miso broth with shrimp and turnip greens.