Today will be quite a busy day; I have an interview at 3:30 then I’m meeting with friends for a girls night at the opera.  I may spend a fair portion of the day looking for a restaurant for pre opera eating-I mean it’ll be a 5-hour show so I’ll need something to hold me over.

I’ve been eating pretty poorly for the last few days (my weekend consisted of more Chinese take-out than I’d like to admit) and I haven’t really made it to the gym since I got back from Chicago, it’s very unlike me and definitely taking it’s toll on the way I feel physically and emotionally.  I think what I need now is a good case of runners high. Update: Instead of going to the gym I did one of the many exercise videos I need to review for Elastic Waist, two birds one stone.

It’ll be a post as I go sort of eating day, here’s what I’ve got:

Breakfast 12.16.08

breakfast-12162 eggs
2 slices whole grain bread

Lunch 12.16.08

lunch-1216Salad with red leaf lettuce, grapefruit slices, dried cranberries and almond slivers
tossed in olive oil & vinegar