Monday comes too soon these days, especially when you spend the majority of your weekend working. I’m pretty proud of the new website I’m launching, and I’ve even got some foodies I know and respect to act as contributors. I’m excited! There are also some design changes I’ve come up with The Kim Challenge (although I’ll have to wait till this summer to do so, as I’ll need to change hosts and get a bigger bandwith-oh technology you so crazy). This is my last full week at my day job and by full week I mean I’m taking off Tuesday and Wednesday, so maybe not full, but a week nonetheless. Thursday is our holiday luncheon and Friday is my last day-so today has really got to be my real work day.

No pre-packed lunch for me today, call me a rebel. I didn’t make anything to bring all week because the majority of this week I won’t be eating at work. Keeping local Delis in business is the least I can do in this time of economic hardship. I did however have a scrumptious smoothie for breakfast. I love smoothies because they’re basically just an excuse to have a milkshake as a meal. Whenever I have bananas that are about to turn, I freeze them, that way I don’t have to use ice to thicken my smoothies, just yummy frozen fruit. Today’s is what I like to call a chocolate monkey smoothie made with soy milk, banana, peanut butter and no sugar added nestle quick powder. Yum.


Soy smoothie w/banana, peanut butter, and chocolate powder

Lunch 12.15.08
California Roll
Hot & Sour Soup

Afternoon Snack

img00062I raided the vending machine for an snack, unfortunately there were slim pickens in regard to healthiest option.  I opted for an Almond Granola Bar, it was dipped in something which I wasn’t expecting, and a bit sweet for my taste, but it wasn’t M&Ms.

Dinner 12.15.08
Gardenburger Soy Riblet
Baked cajun fries
Spicy turnip greens (I cooked them down with crushed red pepper and a dash of hot sauce)