I’m at a cafe working today.  I’ve decided to launch a new website for 2009 which will be more foody oriented-and will probably faze out my blog Food for Thought, as it’s really hard to maintain a blog that solely focuses on food politics, so I’ll just wrap up that content in the new one, which will be called ‘Forkful of News.’  I’m fully domained and currently working on getting the CSS up and running.  I’m trying to get my computer genius on, but well, it’s work as I’m more of a writer than code maven.  Let’s hope I can do this.

I’ll probably work till about 3pm then head to the gym for a 4pm spin class.  After that I’ve got two parties to hit up.  I must remember to enjoy these last few days as a 25 year old, as Dec. 23rd is my birthday-26 seems so much more grown up.  Must make a note to up my maturity level in the next 10 days.

Off to work for me, here’s the food:

Breakfast 12.13.08
breakfast-121308Whole grain toast with avocado and tomato

coffee-1213…more coffee

Alrighty, back from the coffee shop and feeling like a computer genius.  Albiet a hungry genius, but genius nonetheless.  I have the design up and ready to go on my new webpage (www.forkfulofnews.com), I’ve imported my old content from my food for thought blog just to have something to work with in formatting and still need to do a bunch of things, like create pages, add links, widgets, combine catagories, but the hard part is over.  Hopefully the whole thing will be up and ready to go by 1/1/09.

Next project Holiday Tree (since I celebrate both Christmas and Hannukah equally, I just make a general season tree).  Unfortunately all my ornaments are at my parents house, so I’m just going to have to do with lights this year.  It does make me happier.  Why don’t we have trees with lights inside all year round?

Lunch 12.13.08

lunch-1213Black bean & Corn Enchiladas
Tortilla chips
Grape stuff.

Tree 12.13.08

treeTree-fake approx. 4″ tall.
Low calorie, high fiber.