It’s funny, I’ve gone months exercising every day, but this week not so much.  I haven’t exercised since before I left for Chicago last week.  I was planning on taking a spin class after work, but then I remembered I promised a friend I’d go to her office holiday party with her.  Hey, I can take all the free nights out I can get!

Last night I did something I hardly ever do.  I got take-out.  I got home from work around 9pm and was tired and lacking in well balanced mealage.  I haven’t gone grocery shopping since before Thanksgiving which means my fresh food isn’t so fresh anymore.  I stopped at my favorite local Chinese take-out restaurant and got steamed chicken and brocolli and wonton soup.  This morning I came into the office and there was a giant bowl of candy, and when I say giant I’m talking HUGE, but I really didn’t want any.  I think I’ve reached my crap threshold and now I just want to go grocery shopping and have real and healthy food at my disposal.

Dinner 12.11.08

Chicken and brocolli (I asked for sauce on the side, but it didn’t turn out that way)
Wonton Soup

Breakfast 12.12.08
Oatmeal with lite sour cream
Coffee (mixed with stevia and half & half)

Lunch 12.12.08
PB&J on whole grain bread (I just didn’t have anything else to bring)