It’s gloomy out, which adds to the general feeling of malcontent around here. I had to forgo my am spin class for a phone meeting with my boss pre-work. So, my expected exercise plans have changed. Instead of gyming it; I think I’ll do one of the bajillion exercise videos I need to review. Hopefully my roommate will be home late as I tend to look pretty ridiculous huffing and puffing in our 5×5 living area.

I do have a lot to get done over the next week, so I may end up working late tonight, tying up loose ends and writing out detailed instructions on my daily workings. I must say I feel bad for those picking up the slack here-it’s going to be hell.

Here’s the food:

Dinner from last night

dinner-1210Whole wheat pasta with shrimp, onions and peppers
organic pasta sauce and freshly shredded cheese

Breakfast 12.11.08

breakfast-12112 eggs over hard
apple juice
I was going to make toast but it burned

Lunch 12.11.08

Lentils and Rice w/non fat plain yogurt