Twenty days till my birthday!  Woohoo, this is usually right around the time that I start counting down to me-day.  I must remember to send out an evite when I get back from Chicago next week, and make reservations for my Karaoke Party.  It’s a guilty pleasure really, only there’s no guilt, just pleasure. Obviously based on chosen career path I’m a bit of a ham, so having a room full of my nearest and dearest as well as alchohol and cheesey pop ballads is just about the best thing on earth.  If only I could sing off key everyday.

My office is all drama all the time, yesterday our CEO got fired, which is on not actually publicly or internally known yet, Ijust have my gossip sources.  She deserved it.  So now we have no CEO and soon to be no staff, hmm, well that should be interesting.  I may actually do some work today though, as I’ll be taking tomorrow off for an interview and Friday off to go to Chicago, then I’ll be out of the office till next Wednesday.  So, yeah, I should probably do something.  I’ve worked so hard for so long, but slacking off has really become fairly easy for me to slip into.

Tonight after work I’ll hit the gym for a run and some strength training.  Then I’m meeting up with some girlfriends to scope out a wine bar for my friends birthday.  I won’t be here for the festivities this weekend which stinks but at least I get to be part of the planning committee.

Here’s the food:

Breakfast 12.3.08
Kashi GoLean Crunch with Banana and 1% milk
Coffee with Stevia and half & half

Lunch 12.3.08
Turkey, lettuce, tomato, mustard on flax roll-up