Well I got up this morning and hit the gym.  I was surprised at how many people were there, I guess there was some Thanksgiving guilt.  As for me, I plan on eating my way through the next few days and probably won’t workout again till Monday.

Bette: Thanks for watching my shows!  I’ve mentioned a few times on here, but was planning on reiterating soon because I’ve been getting a few emails here and there about people concerned with how much I eat.  There are always a few snacks here and there during the day that I don’t photograph/post.  Blogging and photographing everything you eat can lead to some obsessive behavior so to keep myself from being a total looney, I do eat some things that never hit the internet.  Although I do try to make those snacks healthy.  My daily caloric intake never goes below 1400 calories and usually ranges between 1400-2000, sometimes more on the weekends.

I’m not sure how “with it” I’ll be in regard to blogging these next few days as I’ll be on Long Island, but I’ll try to keep up with it all, and I’ll try to remember to take pictures of our Thanksgiving feast on Sunday.

Happy Weekend everyone.

Breakfast 11.28.08
Mulit-grain waffles with organic syrup
Pineapple Chunks
Green Tea