Well it’s Thanksgiving, but I’m not having turkey for a few days.  My aunt is a chef at the Four Seasons and since she needs to work on Thanksgiving we don’t celebrate till Sunday.  This year I’m hosting Thanksgiving at my house, so I’m using this day off as a day to clean my apartment and prepare for family.  I’ll probably head out to Long Island to visit my family and grocery shop tomorrow (as groceries are way cheaper in the suburbs), then my parents and I will drive in to Brooklyn Saturday night to start cooking early Sunday morning.

Rene: I was just kidding, I actually have a great agent (Hi Tracy if you’re reading this), but as you may have noticed things are just as slow in the entertainment industry in regard to new show development as they are in the rest of the business world.  It sort of seems like businesses all over the spectrum are doing a whole lot of nothing in this economy.  The impending SAG strike doesn’t help so much either.


Here’s teh fod for this not so Turkey Turkey Day:

Breakfast 11.27.08
Whole Grain Waffles with Organic Maple Syrup

Lunch 11.27.08
Hummus and Avocado Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread
Baby Carrots

I did a Pilates DVD this morning, and will probably do another more cardio based DVD that I can use for my review next week on Elastic Waist.  If I’m trapped at home today I might as well be productive 🙂

Snack 11.27.08

Dinner 11.27.08
Leftover stir fry with shrimp over white rice