Today is a short day, I leave at 1pm and head over to the gym.  Tonight my friend and I are going out to celebrate my firing.  Woohoo, I believe there may be banana pudding involved.  That’s part of a well-balanced diet, yes?  Since I’m leaving at one I didn’t pack lunch, I instead grabbed a granola bar to snack on pre-run and figure I’ll make myself a real lunch when I get back from the gym.

Suz: You’re welcome; I’m here for all your beet-inspiring needs.  Is there any other root vegetable you need some motivation with?  Thanks for the library hint, I’ve been pretty intimidated by the Brooklyn library system up until now, but I think that may just be my mission for unemployment.

Rene: Can you be my agent, because I think you have more faith in me than she does. 😉

Lara: Yeah, I am a fan of Kashi products in general but the oatmeal packets are lacking.  And, there are these weird orange flecks which sort of make me feel like I’m eating carrot infused oatmeal.

Here’s the food thus far:

Breakfast 11.26.08
Quaker maple & brown sugar: Low Sugar Oatmeal
(better than Kashi, but not in love with this either-I think I just prefer non packaged foods)

POM Cafe au Lait
(wow, I’m a grouch today, but I don’t love this either.  It was given to me as a sample and honestly just doesn’t have a very strong flavor, I poured it out because it wasn’t that good and was pretty high in fat.)

Lunch 11.26.08
Vegetarian Lentil Soup and whole grain bread
I had a wonderful surprise, my friend Becky who is in town for Thanksgiving came by my office today and we ended up grabbing lunch before we went off to our respective destinations; her to her family me to my gym.

Snack 11.26.08
Salsa and baked blue corn chips

Dinner 11.26.08

dinner-1126Stir fry with shrimp (Trader Joe’s General Tso’s Stir fry sauce)
White Rice