Ah Tuesday.  It’s rainy and gross but I’m looking forward to a good long run and a pilates class after work.  Last night I ended up running for 45 minutes then went to a spin class, and spun (correct tense?) by myself for about 20-minutes when someone came in to tell us that the instructor wasn’t coming.  Since I am an instructor I could have taken over, but was already pretty tired from my run and didn’t have any mixes set which would have meant spending the whole class next to the stereo system not actually spinning so I just left.

I put my Netflix account on hold for a few months because I just couldn’t justify the luxury without an income.  I’m not canceling my gym membership though, I need it and the re-joining fees will suck later.  Hopefully I’ll get gainful employment soon and get my subscription up and running again soon.  I’ve sent out a few resumes, but like I said, I’m really looking for things that I really want to be doing, which means only about 14-15 resumes have gone out in total.  I’ve been recommended by a few friends for different positions which is helpful, but no calls as of yet.  Of course it is a holiday week so people may wait a bit to start calling for interviews (she says justifying as to make herself feel better).  My goal in the mean time is to survive off the money I make from blogging and unemployment, which will be a pretty tight budget and lots of rice and bean dinners, but I’d like to put my severance and vacation day payout in the bank.

Rene: Sorry to hear about your impending lay offs.  I’ll be hoping for a cushy severance package for you.

Here’s the food, which is way more interesting than listening to me whine:

Dinner 11.24.08
Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beets, walnuts, avocado and oil and vinegar

Breakast 11.25.08
Kashi heart to heart maple & brown sugar oatmeal (I don’t love it)

Lunch 11.25.08
Nonfat yogurt with walnuts
Babybel cheese
Cascadian Farms Peanut Butter Chip Granola Bar

Dinner 11.25.08
Veggie burger on English muffin with BBQ sauce and 1/2 avocado
Steamed Cauliflower