Well last night’s dinner consisted of shots and baked potato chips.  Classy.

Today I ran some erands, worked on some writing/editing and networking emails.  I also worked out a budget, which hopefully I can stick to.  I think the hardest part is going to be my food allowance which will basically be $25 a week.  Considering I usually buy a ton of fresh produce and organic foods, this is going to be a hard transition, but one that I’m obviously going to have to make for a while.  I’m on a mission to make the recession as healthy as possible, even if that means subsisting on nothing but beans and vegetable soup!

As for now, I’ve still got some food reserves (and I stocked up on frozen fish last weekend, so I’ll be good on that for a while.) I decided to make today my day off from the gym, but fully plan on hitting it up tomorrow morning.  I have lunch plans with one friend and dinner plans with another, so I’m going to need to get my calorie burn in early.

Here’s the food in review:

Breakfast 11.22.08
2 scrambled eggs
English Muffin with Strawberry Preserves

Lunch 11.22.08
Salad with lettuce tomato, cucumber, beets, avocado, walnuts
tossed in olive oil and vinegar

Dinner 11.22.08
Black bean burger and BBQ sauce on English muffin
Steamed cauliflower