I woke up to a text message saying “we’re sleeping over Friday” a couple of days ago, which meant that my two best friends in an effort to cheer me up are driving in from Long Island to fill me with junk food and romantic comedies. I love them, they are wonderful. People sometimes think it’s totally bizarre that the same best friends I had when I was 12 are the same best friends I have at 25, but I guess when it works it works! So, I’m hitting a 90 min spin class after work, pre-their arrival to try and balance out some of the junk food I may ingest. All in all I expect lots of laughs. Friends are good things.

Last night I forgot to take pictures of my dinner at the Vietnamese restaurant, but we shared summer rolls (healthy!) and I had a soup dish that I hope borders on decent calorically. Either way I’m not stressing. My friend also bought me a bottle of whiskey. Well, I may not have a job, but I have plenty of whiskey! Whiskey galore!

Lara: I don’t really plan out my meals, but I try to only buy what I know I’m going to be able to eat and try to keep my food as fresh as possible. So that means I’m pretty redundant on weekdays. I usually make one big pot of something to eat for lunch for the week and breakfast and dinner are any number of combinations of standards I keep around.

Here’s the food for today, so far…

Breakfast 11.21.08
Kashi Go Lean Crunch with banana and 1% milk

Lunch 11.21.08
Vegetarian Chili
Babybel Cheese