I cooked yesterday, all yesterday.  Sometimes I just need to cook for hours on end, it’s very cathartic for me.  I started by making a vegetarian chili to eat for lunch all week, then I baked the mother load of peanut-butter chocolate chip cookies to send to friends in cookie-grams.  I like to send care packages to different friends every few months to remind my friends that aren’t close by that I think about them.

Here’ are some pictures from my day of cooking:

chili-11161Five servings of chili to feed me this week!

cookie-dough-1116Mmm, cookie dough

cookies-1116Yum, finished product!

So, I have cookies going out by Fed Ex and feel quite accomplished.  Tonight I’ll be hitting up a spin class, and doing some work, not all that eventful really.

Here’s the food for today:

Breakfast 11.17.08
2 eggs
Whole grain toast

Lunch 11.17.08
Vegetarian Chili
Babybel cheese