Oh, this morning was a comedy of errors, although it wasn’t all that funny while it was happening I must say.  All the weather reports said today would be torrential down pouring all day long.  Well I got up early, and it wasn’t raining yet so I decided I should take advantage of the dryness for as long as it lasts and get some groceries.  A new Trader Joes opened in Brooklyn, albeit not that close to my apartment, but heck, it’s got to be better than going to Manhattan.  Well I got there and it was gorgeous, huge, and stock full of all it’s Trader Joey goodness and I got two, quite full bags of groceries.  In paper bags (big mistake).  Well I went outside to catch the bus and the rain had begun, I’m talking monsoon season rain.  And my paper bags all but disintegrated in front of me, food all over the street.  Finally I flagged down a cab, who was quite angry that I wasn’t going to Manhattan, but I was close to tears of frustration at this point and told him I would give him a really big tip if he would just help me, so he did.  Some nice man helped me gather my groceries from the street, although I did lose a two yogurt cups and a package of couscous to traffic, not so bad I guess.  Then I got home, food in wee fistfuls and laughed at myself.  Perhaps I should put a little more trust in the weatherman.

Tonight should be chock full of entertainment.  My friend is cooking me dinner, hoorah-home cooked Indian food!  Then another friend and I are hitting up a comedy show, and after that I’m meeting up with some other peeps for karaoke.

So, I treated myself to a breakfast of the most beaten up of my groceries.  Also, here are picks from last nights dinner.

Dinner 11.14.08
Rice & beans
Sugar free lemonade

Breakfast 11.15.08
2 Whole Grain Toaster Waffles (I probably haven’t had a toaster waffle since high school)
2 Tbsp Organic Syrup
3/4 cup of Nonfat Greek Style Yogurt

I’m not sure if I’ll brave the rain again to hit the gym or if I’ll do a DVD at home.  Only time and my ability to laugh at myself will tell. [Ammended: I stayed home and did a hoopdance DVD, fun!)

Lunch 11.15.08
Left over rice and beans from last night
Babybel cheese