Yay Friday! I started the day out in the way I most like to start my day out-Shooting. The crew and I met up for a morning shoot before work. I love our crew, they’re so great. I feel so lucky to be able to be a part of first The Daily Special and now Pretty Imperfect. And, now I’ll be able to end my day the way I most love to end Friday afternoons, at a super long spin class. There’s something about the 90-minute spin classes I take on Friday nights that really help me let go of all the stresses of the week, not to mention tone my butt! The rest of the night I think will be spent relaxing as it’s kind of a gross day and most of my socializing is scheduled for Saturday night and Sunday.

I’ll have to buy lunch as I’m officially out of food, well that’s not true, I have some beans, lentils, a can of string beans, a veggie burger, some klondike bars, rice and slivered almonds in the house, but none of those were particularly portable for lunch. So I may just go out and get myself a giant salad. Kids, don’t live like me at home, buy groceries on a regular basis, this is not mature adult behavior.

Here’s the food recap:

Dinner 11.13.08
Whole wheat pasta with shrimp, spinach, mushrooms and onion
Organic tomato sauce

Oatmeal with 1 Ttbsn brown sugar & 1 Tbsn maple syrup
Grape Juice

Lunch 11.14.08
Okay so this salad doesn’t look so hot on camera, but it was decent:
Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado, hard boiled egg, apple, blue cheese, turkey and balsamic vinegar