Wow, this week is going by slowly.  It’s only Wednesday, sheesh, there’s still so much work ahead of me.

Rina, thanks so much for your comment, I may have to print it out and keep it with me for my future Thai dining adventures.  I think the restaurant I was at was pretty gimicky, there are much more authentic Thai restaurants in the Theatre district, that I’ll be sure to look for your suggestions at.  Thanks again!

Last night I went to a beginners Pilates class, and it was just way too easy.  I’ve done Pilates on and off for years now, but taking anything labelled “advanced” scares me slightly. But, I think Thursday I may need to suck it up and opt for the harder class.  Tonight after work (I’ve been having a harder and harder time getting up in the morning so I’ve just been bringing my gym bag to work with me) I’m going for a run and perhaps doing some strength training.  I need to do an exercise DVD for review either tonight or tomorrow, but I’m thinking it’ll be tomorrow.

I made a good ole fashioned PB&J sandwich for lunch today, as I truly have very little in the house-I did however find 4 slices of bread in the freezer, and I’m trying out some new Yoplait Light flavors (which I’ll write a review of on here probably Friday), which should keep me fed for the next couple of days.  Lesson learned-need to go grocery shopping every weekend!

Dinner 11.11.08
Whole wheat couscous with sauteed spinach, onion and portobella mushrooms
topped with goat cheese

Breakfast 11.12.08
Smoothie with frozen berries and unsweetened soy milk
(and some strawberries from last week that were going bad)

Lunch 11.12.08
Peanut Butter & Jelly on whole grain bread
Pineapple chunks
Yoplait Light: Raspberry Cheesecake flavored