Happy Veterans Day to all you veterans out there and thank you for your service. I think Veterans day is a very special holiday, but we should be grateful to those that have served and protected us (and still are for that matter) year round, not just on a cold day in November. My dad is a vet, so I’m all for veteran appreciation.

Speaking of family, last night was family fun night-well fun in the sense that my mom was all doped up from anesthesia, poor thing. She had a doctors appointment in the city yesterday so I went to meet her, my aunt and my uncle after work and we went out to dinner. Thai food-I like Thai food but I have yet to figure out a way to make it healthy, and therefore I just succumb to the greasiness of it. Honestly my stomach started hurting a quarter through the meal, so I sent the majority of my dinner home with my mom. I was supposed to go out to dinner tonight with a friend, but I emailed to reschedule for coffee this weekend-I think my body needs a little time off from out-eating. So, instead of munching on wings and beer, tonight I’ll be hitting up a pilates mat class then going for a run, then doing some work related writing.

Here’s the food recap:

Dinner 11.10.08

dinner-1110Thai hot & sour soup with shrimp
Beef Pad See Ew

Breakfast 11.11
Smoothie with frozen mixed berries & unsweetened soy milk

Lunch 11.11
Salad with lettuce & cucumber and tuna
Lite vinaigrette
Low fat peach yogurt

I never went grocery shopping this weekend, so I’m working on what ever food I have left in the fridge, freezer and pantry. My produce options are becoming a bit dismal.