Thanks everyone for your kind words and thoughts yesterday.  I assure you that this was definitely the wake up call I needed to take a little more time to breathe and to listen to my bodies cues.  I never don’t eat when I’m hungry, I sometimes just get so busy I don’t make enough time to do things properly, but I’m making that a priority now.  I did go to the gym this morning, but took it very easy, just for safety’s sake and did the elliptical for 30 minutes on a pretty low-moderate setting.  Then I came home and had a bagel-it’s been ages since I’ve eaten a bagel and it was spectacular.

I have a visitor from the Midwest with me today and we’ll be gallivanting around the city, and having dim sum for lunch (now that should make for some interesting pictures.  Last night I went out to dinner and instead of us all ordering entrees we ordered a bunch of plates for the table and it was great-and surprisingly satisfying.

Dinner 11.6.08





Mac & Cheese
Blue Cheese Fondue Plate with Salami, Bread and Apples
Crab Cakes
Onion Rings
Chocolate Pudding

(This was all split 5 ways as was a bottle of wine)

Breakfast 11.7.08
Everything bagel with cream cheese
Grape Juice