Sorry for the late posting this morning, I’ve spent the last three hours in a clinic waiting room.  Last night on the subway I scared the bejebus out of myself.  I was just standing there minding my own business, when I started to get really, really hot and sweating (now I know what to look forward to in regard to menopause) then I started feeling nauseous and then I blacked out for about five minutes.  I was conscious, but I couldn’t see anything, everything just went completely dark.  I didn’t want anyone to know what was happening so I just held on to the bar for dear life and tried to figure out what was going on and what I was going to do.  Then after about three stops I started to feel all tingly and my vision came back and I cooled down.  So strange.  Afterward I was a bit shakey, but I think that was more emotional than physical and I went home, called my mom and made dinner.  So, I went to the doctor this morning and they took blood and everything is A-Okay, but they think that I just hadn’t eaten enough and my blood sugar just got too low (it had been about 7 hours since I’d eaten anything).  It’s funny because this past week I’ve been really, really hungry and now I feel like my body was obviously trying to tell me something.  So, I’m going to take another day off from the gym today and make sure I eat well.  Which shouldn’t be too hard because I’m going out to dinner with friends tonight.  Just a reminder to listen to your body folks and make sure you eat enough!

So here’s what I’ve got so far in regard to food, there will be more updates as the day goes on:

Dinner 11.5
Roasted peppers, mushrooms, tomato and shrimp
White Rice

Breakfast 11.6
Oatmeal with lite sour cream
Grape Juice

Lunch 11.6
Big ole salad with lettuce, tomato, roasted beets, orange, goat cheese
with olive oil & vinegar