Wow, what a night! What an election experience, I’m so proud that so many Americans voted, regardless of who they voted for, this was such an amazing example what is so wonderful about this country-we all have a voice, and at this moment in history so many of us chose to use it. I hope that this will be a new beginning for this country, that we can all put aside our political differences and support each other and our new president elect in making this country stronger and safer and more prosperous. I actually teared up a little watching the news this morning, not so much because of who the candidates were and who won, but because I really believe as a country we’re on the brink of something; something monumental and historically significant and I’m just really excited to see what unfolds in my lifetime. Okay, enough pontificating. Last night I had quite the variety of junk food. I started the night off strong having a beautiful salad for dinner, but then the parties came and I indulged in 2 beers, one slice of pizza, half a cupcake, and 3-mac & cheese poppers. It certainly could have been worse, but it wasn’t exactly my shining moment, either. I’ll forgive myself-Snacks for Patriotism!

But, just as our country has a feeling of renewal today, so do I and I’m back to healthy fare and giving my body a rest from all the hard work it’s been doing. I’m feeling a bit tight, a bit sore today, and I think it’s time for a rest day. Perhaps I’ll do a 20-minute yoga DVD just to stretch out my worn muscles, but there will be no significant working out tonight. I think tonight is a sit on the couch and catch up with myself kind of night. A blog on Fitsugar reminded me that it’s okay to take some time off from the gym, which reminded me that I haven’t had a “rest day” for about a week now-no wonder my joints hate me.

So here’s the food, I didn’t photograph my junk food last night-but hey, at least I admitted to it:

Dinner 11.4.08
Salad with lettuce, tomato, roasted beets (the first time I roasted a beet ever!),
mandarin orange, goat cheese and olive oil & balsamic vinagar

Breakfast 11.5.08
Kashi Go Lean Crunch with 1% milk
Grape Juice


lunch-115Chicken Noodle Soup (not pictured because I brought it to work yesterday)