So, I did my civic duty and voted this morning. For the sake of this blog story I will tell you who I voted for because it sort of matters. I have strong personal political beliefs, but I also very strongly believe in respect for other peoples ideals. Although I may not agree with someone, I very much believe in their right to their own religious, idealogical, political, etc., beliefs and would never put others down for them. I may discuss my views, but I would never, ever, ever, insult someone else for having differing views from me. So anyway, I voted for Barack Obama. As did most of the New York City region I’m sure. As I was waiting on an excruciatingly long line to vote the girls behind me were being generally impolite and very insulting to anyone who wasn’t Obama-minded. Saying some very nasty things very loudly, assuming they were in good company and everyone was voting along the same lines as they were. And I was, but they didn’t need to know that. What mattered at that particular moment for me was that they were being rude to other peoples beliefs, so as my turn approached. I said pretty loudly to the woman at the registration station that I needed instructions on how to write in my vote, because since Obama was going to win New York anyway I might as well vote for the person I really wanted to be president. Also saying something about how the polling place is not a place for political manifestos, but a place for respect in the civic process, and that we should respect our fellow citizens. The girls behind me, jaws dropped, stopped talking and looked at the ground. And I felt good about myself, then I went in the booth and voted for Obama. I may have agreed with them in regard to voting, but I do not think it appropriate to be obnoxious. So, that was my crazy bitch moment. They happen once in a while.

Last night was exercise central. I did an exercise DVD, then went to Bikram, which was surprisingly not so bad to get back into after a pretty lengthy hiatus. Then I came home and made dinner. This morning, pre-voting escapades I hit the gym. I was feeling kind of congested, and knew that as an asthmatic I shouldn’t push myself too hard, even though pushing myself is my MO. So instead of just running I did running and walking intervals, which was enough because my chest felt like it was going to explode. Then I did some strength training. Tonight I’m going to a few election day parties to watch the results and probably get a little drunk (either out of excitement or out of depression).

Here’s the food:

Dinner 11.03.08
Roasted portobello mushroom caps stuffed with spinach and goat cheese
Whole wheat couscous

Smoothie with unsweetened soymilk, banana, frozen berries


Chicken Noodle Soup (two days worth. I froze some last week)
Low fat strawberry yogurt