I’m loving the end of daylight savings time. It makes getting up in the morning so much easier. Let’s hope I can keep the effects going for a week or two until my body gets used to the early AM wake up call again. Tonight I’m doing an exercise DVD for review and perhaps hitting up a Bikram Yoga class. I was going to go this morning, but I haven’t gone in a while and Bikram is a lot easier for me later in the day and I wanted to give my muscles a fair chance to warm up. I’ll shock it into early morning stretching later in the week. Plus there are always more people in the evening classes and since I’ll probably stumble all over myself at my first class back, I’d like to blend into the background a bit. Of course, I made plans last week to hit up a stand-up comedy show for an acquaintance with a friend of mine, so if she remembers then I’ll forgo stretching for comedy. Such is the nature of life.

This weekend was pretty calm for me, which was nice. The NYC Marathon runs (literally) right in front of my apartment, so I was pretty much trapped for the morning hours of Sunday, which was fine. I got to watch some truly inspiring elite athletes and regular folk who have worked extremely hard do something I think is unbelievable. Running a marathon is on my life-list of things to do, but it’s definitely one of those life-list things I keep putting off as it looks painful and time consuming. I am planning on running a half marathon with some friends in May though, a girl has to start somewhere, right?

Here’s the food for today so far:


Kashi Go Lean Crunch with 1% milk
1/2 glass grape juice

Lentils and Rice
Low fat plain yogurt