Gah, I’m still so unsure about what I’m doing for Halloween! I was thinking of being VP-Barbie, but, then I borrowed a blond wing, so perhaps I’ll go as Cindy McCain and just hold some Valium and a beer all night. Hmm, decisions, decisions.

Tonight I’m headed to another new gym class. Anti-gravity yoga. The publicist for Crunch will be taking it with me. Have I mentioned I’m totally uncoordinated? I hope I don’t fall out of my cloth cocoon and onto my head. If I have brain damage tomorrow, you know why. I’m hoping it will be cool if I use the gym for some cardio post class, so I can get a little aerobic exercise in too. Last night I went running and did a great Pilates DVD, which I’ll review for Elastic Waist tomorrow-definitely my new favorite!

Here’s the food:

Oatmeal with lite sour cream
1/2 glass grape juice (I’m starting to realize I only need enough to take my vitamins with)

Chicken noodle soup (for two days)
Low fat peach yogurt


Veggie burger on spelt English muffin, topped with hummus and tomato
Steamed squash