Oh Tuesday how you taunt me with your apocalyptic weather. I forwent the gym this morning due to the torrential downpour that was going on outside. No worries though, I’ll just rearrange my weekly workout schedule and get the same number of gym sessions in. Speaking of gym sessions, I hit up my very first Punk Rope class last night, and although I was a bit hesitant to start out I quickly lost my inhibitions and had more fun than should be allowed in an aerobics class-you see, Punk Rope is basically recess. There was tag and relay races and of course jumping rope. All in all a good time.

After work today I have a shoot, and then I’ll do a DVD for review this week and work on some writing. A pretty productive evening if you ask me.

I forgot to post my dinner last night so it’s added to todays queue:

Dinner 10.27.08
Veggie Burger on Spelt English muffin
Steamed zuccini
Iced Tea

Oatmeal with lite sour cream
Grape Juice

Chicken Noodle Soup
Low fat strawberry yogurt