I want Friday to be my boyfriend and I will love it and cook for it and give it massages as long as it will always be Friday and never, ever change. I feel like that’s a fair compromise. I’m so glad it’s the end of the week, although there’s still quite a few hours of work to get through, but come 5pm I’m blowing this popsicle stand hitting up a spin class and my best friend is coming to visit me for the weekend. Wooh! I could use some good old fashioned girl time, complete with giddiness, gossip, food and Colin Firth movies. She recently applied to law school and is counting her pennies so we’re going to try to make it a cheap weekend, which means I’ll probably cook for her more than we go out, and that’s fine by me, because it means I will probably be a bit healthier.

Sunday I have my class show for my improv class. Honestly I’m not sure how it’s going to go. I don’t think it was a great class, nor do I think any of us had any great working report, so we shall see, but either way my Tuesday classes are over. I was hoping to jump right into a writing class, as I really like to always be doing something to propel me career wise, but I haven’t found any writing classes that strike my fancy. I’ll be on the look out. Perhaps I’ll take a French or German class, just for fun.

Okay, so the food from yesterday was a little off, as I was truly forced to eat pizza for lunch instead of my vegetable soup. There was an award ceremony at work and it was a pizza party, and I planned to just skip it, but then HR came over and made me go, and the COO made a big deal about me eating. It was weird. So I had pizza for lunch (and I don’t even like pizza that much!) Then, for those of you that think I never eat crap, I had Chinese takeout. I just needed to unwind a little last night and eat some comfort food and let my mind be totally devoid of stress. So I watched some netflix and ate takeout and that really did help calm me down a bit. So, ignore the photos from yesterday because that’s not what it looked like at all.

Lara: I haven’t done any Tracy Anderson videos.  I should put them on my list, as there’s a lot of buzz around them now.  Honestly most of the DVDs I review for Elastic Waist are sent to me by publicists, so I haven’t had to buy new DVDs in a while.  I should see who the PR firm for her DVDs are.  If I do, I’ll keep you up to date.

Here’s the food:

Dinner 10.23

Wonton Soup
Chicken wings


Grape Juice
Spelt English Muffin with Peanut Butter

Vegetable Soup (still not pictured)
Babybel Cheese
2 Hard Boiled Eggs