Wow, this work week is lasting forever!

I had my potential roommate open house last night and came to one very clear conclusion about myself-I’m terribly non-judgmental. This seems like it would be a good thing in life, but uhh, no not when trying to choose to live with someone. There were a couple of people that seemed like they were a little off their rockers, so that made widdling them off the list a bit easier, but everyone else seems totally cool and I’d love to live with all of them or at least get drinks with all of them. I’m really terrible at this. I narrowed the list down to two women. I offered it to the one that sent me a Thank You note immediately after seeing the apartment. Seriously, I’m such a sucker for good manners. I’m like a little old lady that way, manners are super-duper important to me. So, if she accepts than voila roommate. But I still have to send a thanks but no thanks email out to everyone else, which will suck, but is the polite thing to do.

Tonight, I’m going to go running and do a DVD. I need an outlet for all this pent up stress. Then I’ll probably try to catch up on some work, because what’s a weeknight without a steady heaping dose of busy work? Who’s bitter, certainly not I. My interview with the headhunter went well yesterday; he seemed really impressed by my resume (pat on the back for myself) and is submitting me for interviewing to an organization on Friday. If I’m going to hear from them about interviews I’ll probably hear from them next week. The job sounds great, like real learning opportunity, with a lot of responsibility, but in a good way, not the annoying busy work, stab my eyes out with knitting needles (yes that is a reference to a Greek tragedy, if you can name it I will send you a brownie-okay, maybe not, but I’ll be impressed) type work. So, fingers crossed. Either way, I can’t see myself still here much longer.

Here’s what I’ve got for food:


Smoothie with:
1 cup unsweetened plain soy milk
1 cup frozen peach slices


Vegetable Soup (not pictured)
2 Hard Boiled Eggs
Babybel Cheese