I may have mentioned a bajillion times that I’m a bit stressed, well today I’m taking that stress out on my apartment-cleaning.  i woke up this morning, went grocery shopping then came home and went hog wild with a brillo pad and my refridgerator.  So my fridge, my oven and counters are spotless, now I’m working on my bedroom and will finish up my bathroom after I get back from my mid-afternoon spin class.  Talk about a productive day.  I promised my friend that I would hit up a party with her tonight, so I won’t be all homebody today, but honestly it feels super good to be taking care of this stuff.  Sometimes scrubbing can be soothing.

Last night I attempted to make Indian style lentils like my friend often makes and made a pretty close version.  She eats hers with a wrap, but I was feeling more like rice.  It was good though, all I did was cook lentils in cumin, coriander and tumeric with some onion and garlic and nonfat yogurt on the side.  I didn’t measure anything, I just sort of eyed it all.  Here’s the final result:

Dinner 10.17.08

Rice with lentils and nonfat plain yogurt


Breakfast 10.18.08

Oatmeal with low fat sour cream

Lunch 10.18

Nonfat strawberry Greek yogurt with almonds

Dinner 10.18

Left over rice and lentils with nonfat yogurt
Diet rootbeer