I have to say that with all the work stresses of this week I’ve sort of fallen off the horse in regard to exercise. I have to shoot tonight, and then I’m showing my apartment, but afterward I think I might invest in some me time with a DVD. My friend wants me to hit up a party with her, we’ll see what kind of mood I’m in, I feel like my time right now may be better spent looking for a new job. I did however ask for a 22k raise yesterday, I figured hey why not? This morning I sent out a few resumes and wrote a few emails asking for leads. But, all in all, my time in nonprofit may be ending, and I may need to think about freelancing full time a lot sooner than I thought.

Rene, thanks for your kind words, sometimes based on your comments, I think we’re living parallel lives.

Here’s the food so far for today:


Breakfast burrito, made with two eggs, peppers, onions and hot sauce in a spinach wrap
Grape juice


Non fat Greek yogurt with honey, almonds, berries