I think I need to quit my job.  I’ve worked here for four years, and although I’ve out grown my position it’s been good to me in the sense that there’s lots of time off and I’ve got great colleagues that support my other endevours, so auditioning, writing and shooting have never been a problem.  When I first started at this company of mine there were fifteen employees in my department, as of tomorrow, there will be one, and that one is me.  In a sense I’m psyched that I’ve survived, but I’m not doing so much work my eyes are bleeding.  I have a colleague that quit, to tell the truth she never did much more than flirt with the IT guy, but at least I could forward calls to her and pretend she did something with them.  But as of tomorrow 5pm, that luxury is over.  They say that they will hire someone new, but that’s not true and they won’t give me a raise, I’m sure.  So, I’m thinking that it’s time to quit.  Which means I’ll have to get a roommate as I can’t afford to pay rent for two rooms and live off my savings jobless, it’s pretty much one or the other.  This is definitely not he economy to do rash things, and yet I feel like I’m being pushed to extremes.  It’s a good thing I keep some resumes and cover letters with me on UCB port at all times 😉

Tonight is more DVD review time.  Just me, a bottle of water and the 10-minute trainer.

Here’s the food:


Oatmeal with lite sour cream
Orange juice


Nonfat Greek yogurt w/honey (yes, I keep honey in my desk at work)
Berries and almonds


Shrimp with onions and peppers
Whole wheat couscous cooked in vegetable broth