I’m back from Chicago.  It was a great weekend and I saw so much, and ATE SO MUCH.  My stomach is still not recovered from all the food and all the drink, but I wouldn’t take any of it back for a second.  Here’s a glimpse of what I ate (there was a Chicago style hot dog that I forgot to photograph, oops!)

There was Chicago style pizza, pastries from local bakeries, Hooters (I like to go to one in every city I visit, it’s a hobby), Shrimp in a pumpkin seed mole, some bizarro savory breakfast bread pudding that resembled an Aztec pyramid, and a salad thrown in for good measure.  It was amazing, but my stomach is currently not talking to me.

Sendi: thanks for your comments.  My caloric intake is usually close to around 1400-1600 calories a day.  I track on Daily Plate, there’s often a cup of coffee with sugar or a granola bar in the mid-afternoon that I eat without photographing because it’s usually when I’m at work and I don’t have time.  I also tend to eat a bit differently on the weekends, and I don’t post on Sundays as I like to have some down time, so there are definitely times that my eating is less than healthy.  I appreciate your concern though.  I’m really not actively trying to lose weight, I’m mostly just trying to survive the long days I work, and I’ve sort of figured out there’s a science to what I eat in order get through it all.

As for today’s food.  My stomach was truly hurting this morning, so I just grabbed a glass of orange juice to take my vitamins with and went along my merry way.  I don’t have food in the house, and my schedule this week is utterly insane, probably a bit crazier than usual and will maintain it’s crazyness most likely for the next month.  This week I’ll probably just end up relying on the deli next door for lunch and whatever I have in my cabinets.