I’m probably the only person in the history of people that look forward to sitting around an airport. I’ve been running around so much these last few weeks (okay, let’s be honest here, the last year) that a little time trapped in a place with no access to my responsibilities seems like heaven on earth, for only a couple of hours though, after that even I start to get cranky.

I woke up this morning and went running-yay. I’m supposed to shoot again during my lunch break, but I sent an email to our camera guy asking if he though we could maybe postpone till next week as my sanity is waning and I’ve been shooting for what seems like a week straight. Plus, I need to drop off some stuff for my agent, and I can only do one or the other during my lunch break. Oh, priorities. Tonight I’m having some alone time with my DVD player as I do a pilates DVD to review for tomorrows blog on Elastic Waist. Then I pack and take care of some odds and ends and voila it’ll be tomorrow!

I’m not leaving till the afternoon so I’ll be sure to post my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow, but after that there will be a slight hiatus in posting till I get back on Monday. I’ll try to remember to take photos but I warn you I plan on having a hot dog and a pizza while I’m there. I mean, when in Chicago, eat like the Chicagoans, right?

Here’s the food for today:


Smoothie with 1% milk, 2 baby bananas and 1 cup frozen cherries


Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers and avocado
Light vinaigrette
Kashi TLC: Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookie (I got a free sample)