I’m not going to lie, I’m a little hung over from the debate last night. My roommate and I drank anytime everyone said the word “maverick.” We killed a bottle of wine; which in reality is only two glasses each, but wine has a serious effect on me. Straight whiskey I’m fine, but fermented grapes and I’m toasted quicker than you can say antidisestablishmentarianism, okay, a little quicker than that. I also gorged a bit on popcorn. I don’t know what came over me but I needed popcorn and lots of it. I guess if you’re going to binge, popcorn is probably the way to go. I had a bag of 94% fat free all by my lonesome, then my roommate and I shared another bag while debate watching. All that salt is probably going to lead to some bloating on my part.

After making breakfast and packing lunch, my refrigerator is officially laughable. I have some condiments, a package of udon noodles and a block of parmigiana. Tonight I’m going to a 90-minute spin class after work, then meeting up with some friends for dinner (because I don’t have food!) Tomorrow I’ll probably start the day with a run, then hit up a grocery store, then clean and bake because in the evening my book club is coming over for our monthly meeting. Sunday I’m shooting during the day, then perhaps investing in some jeans that fit me. I’m heading to Chicago next week for a mini-vacation and I’d rather not look like a bag lady. I have a nice butt (yay, spinning) but you generally can’t see it through my saggy bottomed jeans.

Here’s the last of my food:

Dinner and Popcorn from last night 10.2.08

so much popcorn

Steak (lean cut)
Spinach and Grilled Tomato
honestly because the steak was so lean it was a bit dry, so the grilled tomatoes eaten with it gave it the illusion of being juicer.

2 eggs
Whole grain toast
1/2 cup of grape juice


Low fat yogurt with strawberries and Kashi Go Lean cereal
banana and pear