Ladyloo: I’m glad the monthly resolutions are catching on. I find the prospect of 30 days way more manageable than 365 days.

Well I did it; I rolled out of bed (albeit a little late) and went to a spin class this morning. I was pretty much a zombie the entire time-but I was a zombie that was there. I’m bizarrely sore considering I’ve taken it easy this week, I think I may try to do a little yoga tonight before bed to stretch my weary muscles. Tonight should be entertaining as I will be shooting at 7:30-hopefully we’ll finish in time for the VP debates.

Here’s the food breakdown so far:


Oatmeal with cinnamon, brown sugar and banana
Coffee with stevia and 1% milk


Low fat vanilla yogurt with strawberries and kashi go lean crunch (I ran out of granola)