Well October is here and it’s beautiful so far-hopefully that’s a good omen for the month. My column today on Elastic Waist will be about my October resolutions; as every first of the month I establish goals to set out accomplish before the months end.

I have my gym bag with me and will be hitting up the good ole YMCA directly after work today. I just couldn’t do it this morning-I really needed the sleep, and honestly a few more hours of rest on my ailing foot ain’t so bad either.

I think I forgot to mention after last weeks meeting with the agent, that things went really well and I will now have a pretty significant agency backing me-which is great, my last agent wasn’t so hot. This could mean some great opportunities in the future, if I can stay awake long enough to take advantage of them (I’m so sleepy).

Here’s the food run down for today:


2 eggs
1.5 slices whole grain toast w/1 tsp of butter
Grape juice


Low fat vanilla yogurt with strawberries and low fat granola
Banana, pear, apple

You may notice that this weeks food choices are even more boring that usual and that is because I’m running out of food. The busyness that was my weekend last week prevented me from going grocery shopping. On my way back from NJ on Sunday we stopped at a super market, but since I knew I would have to carry whatever I bought home on the subway-I just picked up some bare necessities; yogurt, fruit, spinach. So, I’m surviving on the remnants of cereal, juice, milk and eggs I already had in the house, luckily I keep my bread in the freezer so there’s generally a decent supply. My refrigerator looks like a wasteland right now.


Homemade black bean burger on spelt english muffin
Baked sweet potato fries