It’s pack rat Tuesday in Kim’s world.  I have class tonight which means porting around all my meals for the day with me.  My foot is still feeling pretty shaky-so I decided that I’d wait till tomorrow to test the waters at the gym but give myself a good 3 days of recuperation time.

Last night we shot till about 8, then I came home made dinner and watched Heroes, which I missed the first half of and the first episode of the season of, but that’s generally how I watch TV-catch a show here and there.

Here’s the food rundown from last night and today:

Dinner 9.29
Whole wheat penne with sauteed peppers and onions and shrimp

Breakfast 9.30
2 eggs
Whole grain toast with apple butter
1% milk with low sugar chocolate powder

Lunch and Dinner and Snacks
Banana, Apple, Grapefruit
Low fat yogurt with strawberries and low fat granola
Salad with lettuce, carrot, cucumber, peppers and tuna with lite vinaigrette