Monday is the worst day of the week. It’s so deflating. It’s a typical Monday for me: I have work during the day and will be shooting in the evening. I think I’ve really strained the tendons or muscles in the arch of my foot because walking became excruciating after my Saturday run-I took off from the gym yesterday and think I’m going to do a pilates DVD tonight instead of anything that will require standing or putting weight on it. I’m hoping this heals quickly so I can get back to the gym. Knowing me I’ll probably head back there before it’s entirely healed, but I’ll try to look for activities that are kinder and gentler on my feet.

Camille: What a loaded question. I have generally tried to steer away from politics in this blog, and although we’ve definitely discussed politics on the round table segments of the The Daily Special, I tried to keep my own opinions in check. Although I have very strong beliefs, I also believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions and their individual vote without criticism from others. Having said that, this particular election has been quite hard, because to be honest I don’t love either of the candidates. I had been considering writing in my vote; but although I don’t think I personally would ever have an abortion, I very much believe in a womans right to choose what and to have privacy in regard to what she does with her own body. In a time when two liberal supreme court justices are gearing up to retire and both people on the Republican ticket are anti-choice, I’m voting for Obama to protect those rights for future generations of women. Those are my two cents. I didn’t get a chance to actually watch the debate, but I have been reading the transcript from that night.

On a lighter note, here’s the food for today:


2 eggs
Whole grain toast with apple butter
Chocolate milk (1% milk and low sugar chocolate powder)
Coffee with milk and stevia


Low fat vanilla yogurt
Low fat granola
Strawberries, banana, apple
Celery most likely with peanut butter