Kat: I’m glad to hear I’m not insane for eating radishes, I tend to get funny looks around my office for my food choices. It’s starting to get to me I guess. Cutting them up doesn’t seem to dry them out, but they’re not cut up for too long. I usually through a salt packet in and shake it about (I do not recommend this for people with high blood pressure) and that insures more salty pieces.

Three months from today is my birthday. This is usually around when the countdown begins for me. I love birthdays. I love other peoples and I love my own. Good times. I’m on a mission to make this year my hottest birthday body yet. But, I didn’t get up early today to go to the gym, so I’m not off to a good start. It is Tuesday and I did say this would be my rest day for the the week so I’m not going to feel too bad about it. I have class tonight and will probably roll into my apartment around 10pm, which means I’m toting around lunch and dinner today. Here’s the food breakdown:


2 eggs
Spelt English muffin with 1 tspn butter and apricot preserves
1/2 cup of grape juice (it’s the only thing I can take my vitamins with)
Coffee with splenda and 1% milk

Lunch and Dinner

Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, beets, chickpeas, grilled chicken in lite vinaigrette
yogurt with raspberries and low fat granola