Today is the first day of Fall and it is truly starting to feel like it. Part of me is relieved. I felt like this summer was very dramatic. Very fun, but you can’t be a socialite and career woman all the time šŸ˜‰ .

I seem to have hurt my ankle. I’m not sure if it’s from running wrong or a fall I took yesterday. Either way I have it in an ace bandage today, and will avoid any high impact work on it today. Instead of the spin class I was planning I think I’ll opt for a Pilates DVD I have been planning to review for a while now. Two birds-one stone.

BreakfastOatmeal with lite sour cream
Grape Juice

Salad with tomato, cucumber, chickpeas, beets and grilled chicken
Lite vinaigrette
Radishes (yes I eat radishes as a snack-totally weird, I know)


Chicken Sausage and Peppers
Whole Wheat Pasta

I posted the above picture just to illustrate the importance in vegetables in making big meals. There was only 1 cup of cooked pasta and one chicken sausage in this meal. I used a teaspoon of olive oil and the rest was vegetables. I diced up garlic, onion, and a third of three types of peppers and a tomato and mixed them in which made the whole dish a lot more substantial. I am a big-meal eater, and since I can’t justify eating big meals of fried chicken and french fries all that often the majority of the time I use vegetables to enlarge up my meals.