Last night was sort of a comedy of errors.  I have somewhat of a case of adult onset popularity. My friend told a bunch of people that I would be at the party I mentioned in my post yesterday, but, after a long spin class after an even longer week I opted to stay home and enjoy the comforts of my couch and catch up on some work.  Well, to say I was being stalked would be an understatement.  Texts and phone calls galore asking where I was and why I wasn’t coming were coming from people I didn’t even know gave a hoot about my whereabouts.  Strange.  I felt a little guilty, but I held my own and stayed in my sweat pants.

I started off the day by watching Before Sunset, and will probably wonder around Brooklyn getting some chores done and cleaning up my apartment, which direly needs a good scrub and organization. I’m leaning toward making today my rest day because I’ve worked out three days in a row, and have only had one rest day this week, and really do believe that you should always have at least two.  Since I have class on Tuesday I feel like Tuesday is an optimal day for a rest day and if I work out tomorrow and Monday I’ll be in the right place for a day off.

I probably won’t blog tomorrow, as I like to take a day off from photographing my food, but I’ve got a brunch date with my childhood acting teacher and his girlfriend.  You may recognize him from the CitiBank commercial where the son and the dad go to Norway then find out they’re Swedish.  Well he’s just put together a new web series called 50 to Death.  Afterward I’m going to go shopping for new jeans as I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m more of a size 6 these days and my size 8s are getting a bit baggy.  Finally Sunday night is birthday drinks with a guy who I did a show with a few years ago.  He’s sort of been stalking me to make sure I come.  Everytime I log onto facebook I get another IM asking if I’ll be at his party-a bit anal if you ask me, but one drink can’t hurt.  As not going may relieve in drama.


Oatmeal with lite sour cream
chocolate milk made with 1% milk and low sugar cocoa


I only ate about half of this
2 eggs over medium
2 slices rye toast
Home Fries