I am very proud of myself, not only did I go running after work last night, but I got up at 5am this morning and hit the gym for a run and some strength training. Hoorah! Once I got back from the gym I proceeded to shower, eat and fall back asleep. So much for exercise energizing me! Ah, well even though I’m tired I can at least feel comfort in knowing that I’m aerobic. I’m shooting a Cooking with Kim segment tonight, and afterward I think I may do a yoga DVD as my hamstrings are super tight right now.

If you watch my show on Elastic Waist, you may have noticed that it’s a new format. It’s no longer The Daily Special, but now more an episodic. I think this will be a lot more fun to shoot, if not a lot more shooting time. But, I’m excited for the change and our premier episode seemed to be well received which makes me happy. Change is good but also scary.

I didn’t take a picture of dinner last night. So here’s the rundown. One glass of chocolate milk made with 1% milk and low sugar chocolate powder. One low fat vegan burrito from Trader Joes, and air popped pop corn with old bay seasoning as I watched Before Sunrise with my roommate.

Now for today:


Oatmeal with lite sour cream
Grape Juice


Lentil Soup (this is the last of it)
Celery (there may be some peanut butter involved later)